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103rd Annual Convention
March 4-7, 2020
Renaissance Vinoy Resort
St Petersburg, FL

"2020 Vision for the Future"

For 2020 we look to the inside of ABMA and plan ahead ahead as we celebrate our 103rd Anniversary. We delve into what drives us and our membership with an eye on shaping the building blocks of our shared future. Please join us for three days of networking, fellowship and important information sharing.

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The Renaissance Vinoy Resort

What's New for 2020?

There are many new and exciting changes for the ABMA 103rd 2020 Annual Convention:

Wednesday March 4, 2020 3p-5p
Lisa Ryan CSP - Manufacturing Engagement Session: "How to Attract and Keep Your Top Talent from Becoming Theirs"

Thursday March 5, 2020 9a - 11a
We will embark on of a 2 layer strategic planning experience designed to shape the future of ABMA. First we will collectively perform environmental scans to determine the needs of ABMA in the forseeable future.
For our final layer we work to build action plans around our previous scans.

Thursday March 5, 2020 730p-930p
Thursday is a "dinner on your own" evening, but this event is designed for attendees who would prefer to stay in and to enjoy an opportunity to participate in a group dinner. Network with old ABMA friends and make new friends at this casual dinner event that immediately follows the Thursday Reception. Proceeds support the ABMA Foundation.

Friday March 6, 2020 8a-12p
To make the 2020 convention we continue the popular Face 2 Face program which eliminated the traditional trade show booth for scheduled 13 minute "power meetings". A meeting schedule process is in place and will be available online after January 1, 2020. See the Highlights Tab at http://www.abma.org/abma-annual-convention for more information and to request your scheduled meetings.

The convention for 2020 officially ends on Friday evening with the exception of the ABMA Board of Directors who will meet on Saturday morning March 7 from 830a-1130a.
Use Saturday as a free day to gather some friends and explore!

Convention Archives

Download Brochure

2019 102nd Annual Convention Pictures (Courtesy of BrushExpert.com)

Airstream communications Ltd - ABMA 2019 Nassau (Courtesy of Brushwork Online)

    MARCH 4 - 7, 2020


    Program Highlights and What's New

    Wednesday March 4, 2020

    3:00 PM - 5:00 PM
    Presented by ABMA Educational Institute

    Lisa Ryan CSP - "Manufacturing Engagement - How to Attract and Keep YOUR Top Talent from Becoming THEIRS"

    ----Ac 2020 Lisa Ryan 250w.jpg

    It's no secret. Your best employees have the power to take their skills to your competition. Your favorite customers can source products and services from anywhere in the world at the click of a button. The bottom line is that you are faced with an enormous challenge:
    Keeping your top talent and best customers from becoming someone else's!

    This trend reaches far beyond just manufacturing. The Gallup organization reports close to 71% of all employees feel unsupported, detached, or disengaged from their current employer. The impact costs US businesses more than $450 billion in lost productivity each year.

    Studies show that engaged employees have:

    o 50% fewer accidents
    o 41% fewer quality defects
    o 30% fewer health care costs

    In this important program we will discover

    • Why the focus should be on employees who are doing things well, instead of the toxic workers who are sucking the life out of your company

    • How to build your company's reputation as a great place to work so your hard-won, recently hired employees don't take their skills to your competition

    • Why ignoring toxic employees doesn't solve the problem. How you can address the hidden killer of productivity and profits

    • How to get off the hamster wheel of continuous hiring cycle and focus on creating an irresistible workplace culture

    • How to tackle the generational divide and get your Boomers and Millennials to "play nice" with each other

    Thursday March 5, 2020

    Sunrise Yoga ----AC 2017 Sunrise Yoga 150w.jpg

    6:30 AM-7:15 AM

    Join ABMA's yoga instructor Rachel Hack from Epic Resins for a wonderful early morning yoga wake up session.
    ----AC 2017 Rachel Hack 300w.jpg





    2020 Vision for the Future - "An interactive industry event"

    ----AC 2020 Steve Fredlund 150w.jpg

    2020 Vision for the Future - Facilitated by Steve Fredlund

    It has been since 2000 we gathered for strategic planning for our association. Since that time a lot has happened and ABMA has grown stonger in reputation, representation and financial strength. We feel 2020 presents a perfect opportunity to take the necessary time to reinvest in our association and the best way to do that is to LISTEN to our members.

    Steve's 30 years of corporate experience has been primarily in analytical functions, including more than 20 years of staff management experience including four Fortune 500 companies (Allianz, Medtronic, Thrivent, 3M). He is a Fellow of the Society of Actuaries, a mathematics undergraduate, and holds an MBA with emphasis in Nonprofit Management. Steve is a co-patent holder on an industry leading retirement income solution, started and led capital markets hedging programs, started and led an HR workforce analytics department, and is certified in Strategic Workforce Planning by the Human Capital Institute.

    In late 2009, Steve co-founded a non-profit called Our Response, focused on uniting East Central Minnesota to respond to global poverty, disease & suffering. Under his volunteer leadership as Executive Director, they have raised more than $2 million and have taken four trips to Rwanda, each life-changing for each team member. Steve has also helped several nonprofits develop a clear and compelling vision.

    Vinoy Golf Course
    12:30 PM - 6:00 PM

    ABMA's annual scramble tourney is a great way to network, meet old friends, make new friends and have some fun.


    ----2007 Island Green Pic

    The 18-hole, par-71 layout is not your typical Floridian golf course. As a certified Audubon Cooperative Sanctuary, we are not only a refuge for wildlife but each hole is surrounded by diverse vegetation including over a dozen varieties of palm from around the world. From the Bismarck palms (Bismarckia nobilis) found in Madagascar to the Giant Fishtail palm (Caryota no) from Indonesia, the flora and fauna are remarkable. These palms total over 900 in number and along with the pines and Live Oaks, you will find yourself lost in the jungle or beached on one of the 63 bunkers strategically place along the way.

    *Please make your club rental arrangements directly with the pro shop.

    Be a Hole In One Sponsor

    The ABMA Scramble Tournament fee includes greens and tournament fees, golf cart, range balls and prizes.

    For Vinoy Club Golf Information: https://www.marriott.com/golf-hotels/tpasr-the-vinoy-renaissance-st-petersburg-resort-and-golf-club/vinoy-golf-club/5237111/home-page.mi

    Vinoy Golf Club Pro Shop: 727 896-8000

    For additional area Course Information: https://www.visitstpeteclearwater.com/things-to-do/golf

    Thursday March 5, 2020 730p-930p
    Thursday is a "dinner on your own" evening, but this event is designed for attendees who would prefer to stay in and to enjoy an opportunity to participate in a group dinner. Network with old ABMA friends and make new friends at this casual dinner event that immediately follows the Thursday Reception. Proceeds support the ABMA Foundation.

    ----ABMA Foundation Logo 250w 2016.png

    Friday March 6, 2020

    Sunrise Yoga ----AC 2017 Sunrise Yoga 150w.jpg

    6:30 AM-7:15 AM

    Join ABMA's yoga instructor Rachel Hack from Epic Resins for a wonderful early morning yoga wake up session.
    ----AC 2017 Rachel Hack 300w.jpg

    8:00 am - 12:00 pm
    Royal Ballroom
    Visit the Suppliers Display to see the latest products, ideas and components. Visit with old friends and make new ones in this exhibitor showcase that is a hallmark of every ABMA Convention. For 2020 we are again using a pre-planned meeting schedule to allow for 13 minute scheduled conferences, and we eliminate the expense for the Suppliers of bringing your Pop Up Display to Florida.

    ABMA suppliers display is from 8a-12p. Be sure to register early to schedule your meetings. Meeting Requests : coming soon

    • Supplier stays stationary at their table with chairs for visitors. Meetings cycle every 15 minutes
    • Scheduled format for the first 3 hours allowing 13 minute "power meetings" for higher-level discussions. People rotate as per their schedule.
    • For the remaining time people to move around the space freely (think musical chairs) and sit down with suppliers of their choice for 13 minute meetings.
    • Scheduled meetings are determined weeks in advance by using scheduling software which can be accessed here: COMING SOON
    • Note that meeting selection process is never perfect. It is hard to accommodate all requests. This is why there is open time, which allows people to meet regardless of their schedule.

    Suppliers: Bring only what can fit on the table and this rule applies to everyone to keep things fair.

    Allowed Items

    Price Sheets
    Tabletop Lit racks
    Counter Cards
    Sample products
    Laptop to stream video and share reporting

    Not Allowed

    Free Standing floor display
    Banner stands
    Large table top displays
    Wall hung displays

    Suppliers Face 2 Face Contract and Policies

    St Petersburg Mural Tour - Depart from Lobby
    9:00 AM - 11:00 AM

    ----AC 2020 Mural Tour 1.png ----AC 2020 Mural Tour 2.png
    St Petersburg has a vibrant arts community and this is reflected in the many very creative murals that adorn the historic area. On this tour we will board a trolley to travel around Downtown St Petersburg to see the latest and best murals, as well as be able to get off and take pictures.

    The tour will be led by a local mural artist, Derek Donnelly. Not many people get to learn about the flourishing art scene from one of the artists themselves! Bring sun protection and comfortable walking shoes. A cooler with refreshments and coffee to go will be provided.

    This activity is free to participants and is limited to the first 30 who sign up.

    Electric Boat Scavenger Hunt
    2:00 PM - 5:30 PM
    Depart from Lobby

    ----AC 2020 Electric Boat 250w.jpg

    Please join us for a fun afternoon of water and adventure. The lucky 30 persons on this excursion will embark on a fun scavenger hunt guiding their electric boats around Tampa Bay with boating instructions and maps. Teams will board these comfy boats and capture items with their cameras and along the way will will enjoy the wonderful views of the waterfront homes in Old Northeast, the wild life around the bay and additional landmarks.

    Boats will include coolers with refreshments, including water, soda and local craft beers.

    Be sure to bring: hats, sunglasses, comfortable and safe shoes, sunscreen and camera/phone.

    Price $170 each. Available to the first 30 that sign up

    7:00 PM - 10:00 PM

    For 2020 we celebrate our great industry and enjoy the wide variety of craft beers in the St Pete area.
    Come out for an evening of great food, music, dancing, fun, and with a few surprises along the way.
    Dress: Business casual or resort casual.

    Mr. RJ Lindstrom Public Relations Chair

    Saturday March 7, 2020

    Enjoy a free networking and fun day on your own.

    Tuxedo Rentals

    Grandeos Management Fee: $10.00/ Per Tuxedo

    Details: Attendees would be fitted 2 weeks before the event at their local Mens warehouse store and delivery of Tux will be sent to our location. Delivery Price is TBD depending on amount of tuxedos rented. Pricing is based on a Minimum coat and pants rental.

    Onsite Fitting Rooms (Based on 3 draped stalls)

    Price: $915.00

    Fitting room pipe and drape will be placed against the wall with 3 adjacent rooms. Client to provide Grandeos with a hotel meeting room on Tuesday March 21, 2017 or Wednesday March 22, 2017 for a minimum 5 hour block for tuxedo dressing rooms and fittings.

    Classic Tuxedo Style

    Price Range: $49.99 plus tax/ Each

    Includes: Basic 1 button tuxedo package with jacket, pants, shirt, bow tie, cummerbund, studs and cufflinks. (No vest or shoes)

    Deluxe Tuxedo Style

    Price Range: $89.99 Plus Tax / Each

    Includes: Basic 1 button jacket, pants, shirt, any tie, any vest, studs, cufflinks, tuxedo shoes and socks.

  • General Meeting & Program Information

    ----AC 2020 Vinoy Pool.jpg

    • Brochure for Download
    • Preliminary Schedule of Events
    • Tours, Activities and Special Events
    • General Information, Dining and Entertainment
    • Getting There
    • Convention and Hotel Registration Information

    MARCH 4 - 7, 2020


    Who Can Attend?

    The American Brush Manufacturers Association is open to member companies and their representative delegates, companions (spouses or significant others) and their children. Attendees may register under one of the following categories:

    A delegate is a representative of a member organization. Any attending organization must send at least one delegate.

    One Day Attendee
    A one day attendee is an additional delegate representing a member organization which is already sending a delegate, who will only be at the convention for one day (usually the Suppliers Display day). This is to encourage member companies to bring additional purchasing and sales representatives for increased networking.

    A companion is the spouse, child aged 18 and older or significant other of a registered delegate, and is not an employee of the attending organization.

    Your children are welcome. Ages 0-4 are free. Ages 5-11 are at the Child rate. Ages 12-17 are at the Teen rate. Children 18+ should register at the Companion rate. If your child is now in the business and working the convention then they should be registered as a delegate.

    Schedule of Events


    500p - 530p
    Directors' Finance Meeting Wylie
    530p - 600p ABMA Foundation Board of Directors Meeting Wylie

    800a - 920a
    Convention Committee Breakfast Meeting Royal 1
    Public Relations Committee Meeting
    Royal 1
    Membership Committee Meeting
    Royal 1
    1100a- 600p Registration / "Gathering Place" Palm Court Foyer
    Statistical Committee Lunch Meeting Royal 1
    100p - 150p
    Safety & Standards Committee Royal 1
    230p - 300p
    All Division Meeting
    Majestic 1
    300p - 500p ABMA All-Attendee Educational Institute Majestic 1
    600p - 700p New Members & First-Time Attendees Welcome Reception

    Dress: Business Casual
    700p - 900p Welcoming Reception

    Dress: Business Casual

    630a - 715a Sunrise Yoga with Epic Resin's Rachel Hack
    700a - 830a
    Continental Breakfast Palm Court Foyer
    730a - 200p
    Registration / "Gathering Place" Palm Court Foyer
    800a - 850a Opening Business Session - President's Welcome Majestic
    900a-1100a ABMA All-Attendee Educational Institute
    Supplier Display Setup Royal & Center Ct
    1100a-1230p Lunch on own
    1230p - 600p Golf Scramble Tournament Vinoy Golf Club
    630p - 730p Mid Convention Reception
    Tea Garden
    730p Dinner on Own

    630a - 715a Sunrise Yoga with Epic Resin's Rachel Hack
    700a - 830a Continental Breakfast Palm Court Foyer
    700a - 745a Supplier Display Setup Royal & Center Ct
    Registration / "Gathering Place" Palm Court Foyer
    ABMA Suppliers Display Royal & Center Ct
    Companion Program - St Petersburg Mural Tour
    Depart from Lobby
    1200p - 100p Buffet Lunch Majestic
    200p - 530p Tour: Electric Boat Scavenger Hunt
    Depart from Lobby
    Suppliers' Reception Esplanade

    Come out for an evening of great food, music, dancing, fun, and with a few surprises along the way.
    Dress: Business or resort casual.


    830a - 1130a
    ABMA Board of Directors Meeting

    Networking Activities on your own

    General Information, Travel, Activities & Registration


    With historic elegance and a very modern sense of independence, The Vinoy® Renaissance St. Petersburg Resort & Golf Club offers a vacation experience unlike any other. Ideally situated in St. Pete, Florida's thriving downtown district, our award-winning hotel is a short distance from Vinoy Park, Tropicana Field and the Dali Museum. Gracefully designed rooms and suites retain the glamour and charisma befitting our heritage, while adding contemporary perks like high-speed internet access, flat-screen TVs and well-lit workspaces. Elsewhere at the hotel, challenge someone to a game of tennis, lounge by one of the pools, tee off from the course at Vinoy Golf Club or book a treatment at the spa. Thanks to our waterfront location and private marina, you can charter a boat and explore the bay. You're spoiled for choice with our resort dining options, which range from American fare to sushi.


    For local sightseeing, activity and additional information:

    Trip Advisor St Petersburg

    Restaurants St Petersburg

    St Petersburg Visitors Guide


    For dinner reservations at the resort's restaurants


    Vinoy Salon and Day Spa

    An oasis of calm in the heart of St. Petersburg, our day spa boasts a comprehensive menu of relaxing and invigorating services, including massage, facials and body wraps. For a truly pampering experience, opt for a poolside massage in one of our cabanas.
    Hours: Mon-Sun: 09:00 AM - 07:00 PM
    Appointment is Required.
    Phone: +1 727-824-8070

    Getting There

    For an interactive map:


    Renaissance Vinoy Resort & Golf Club

    501 5th Avenue NE
    St. Petersburg, Florida 33701 USA

    +1 727-894-1000


    Tampa International Airport (TPA)

    Airport Phone: +1 813-870-8700

    Hotel direction: 19.5 miles SW

    This hotel does not provide shuttle service.

    • Alternate transportation: Sedan service; fee: 75 USD (one way) ;on request
    • Estimated taxi fare: 60 USD (one way)
    Visit TPA airport website

    Driving directions

    Take I-275 South to St Petersburg, take exit 23A (I-375), stay left, follow 4th Ave North to Beach Dr, turn left, resort is one block on right.

    St Petersburg-Clearwater International Airport (PIE)

    Airport Phone: +1 727-453-7800

    Hotel direction: 12 miles NW

    This hotel does not provide shuttle service.

    • Alternate transportation: Sedan service; fee: 65 USD (one way) ;reservation required
    • Estimated taxi fare: 45 USD (one way)
    Visit PIE airport website

    Driving directions

    Take 686 East to I-275 South. Take I-275 South to St Petersburg, take exit 23A (I-375), stay left, follow 4th Ave North to Beach Dr, turn left, resort is one block on right.

    Sarasota-Bradenton International Airport (SRQ)

    Airport Phone: +1 941-359-2770

    Hotel direction: 35 miles N

    This hotel does not provide shuttle service.

    • Estimated taxi fare: 90 USD (one way)
    Visit SRQ airport website


    Hertz Logo 2011Hertz Meeting Attendee Discount: Use CV# 05330002 . Reservations may be placed online by using the link provided or through Hertz Meeting Sales Desk within the U.S. or Canada at 1 800 654 2240 or 1 405 749 4434. In international locations, call your nearest Hertz reservation center. When booking reservations through Hertz reservations, please reference the CV# as shown above or identify our group by name (ABMA) to the reservationist. View the Hertz Meeting Rate Sheet


    For ABMA events, comfortable and casual dress is appropriate. Daytime attire is casual and sportswear is customary (golf shirts and slacks or shorts for men: slacks, shorts or skirts/dresses for ladies). Evening activities are "nice" informal or daytime business casual attire and may include sport coat for men; pantsuits, slacks, skirts/dresses for ladies.

    For 2020,
    the Suppliers Reception is a relaxed party to celebrate our great industry. Feel free to come dressed in business casual or resort casual wear.
    This event includes a dance floor so please consider appropriate footwear.


    St Petersburg average daytime temperatures in March are in the Mid 70's (F). Night time temperatures average in the low 60's. Rainfall averages 3.5" in March.

    10 Day Forecast

    Registration Information


    Take advantage of the "Early Bird Discount." If you register by February 1, 2019, you and your company will be listed in the advance program available online to all attendees prior to the convention, as well as save money on your registration fees. Registrations received after the deadline will appear on the supplemental registration list, available only at the meeting. Please note: a companion is a spouse or significant other, and the One Day Fee must accompany a fully paid delegate. For ABMA 2019 Annual Convention you may either register, using the enclosed insert or register, pay all of your fees, and renew your 2019 dues online!

    Register and secure your hotel room before the deadline as March is always a sellout month for hotels. Once the registration and room block deadlines pass the leftover rooms get sold out quickly so DON'T WAIT!

    Dues Renewal and Attendee Registration (Online Store Opens Jan 1). Please remember only the company's key contact may renew dues, and must be shopping for the COMPANY to do so.

    ABMA Online Store

    You can pay your dues online and register yourself and others in your organization for the convention online using the ABMA Online Store. Once you have completed an online transaction for dues payment simply "continue shopping" and register for the upcoming ABMA Convention. If you are registering for yourself and or companion then you may easily register through the regular portal. If you wish to register for yourself and other members of your organization, please use the "Group Registration" function. To register a group please register EACH kind of attendee separately (delegate, One-day, etc). Spouses and guests are added later.


    The Hotel reservation deadline is February 1, 2019.
    Reservations made after the deadline will not be guaranteed at the group rate and space may not be available.

    Renaissance Vinoy Resort and Spa
    501 Fifth Ave NE
    St Petersburg, FL 33701

    Reservations: Reservations +1 888 236-2427 or +1 727 894-1000
    Event ID: AmerBrushManufac. American Brush Manufacturers Association. See below for online reservations.
    Room Rates (Single/Double): $289 Resort Room
    Online Reservations: Please use Online Reservations as the preferred choice


    There are upgraded rooms available. Please contact the hotel for pricing and availability.

    Rates will be extended three days prior and three days after the meeting, pending availability. Rates are subject to taxes. Porterage and housekeeping fees are at the discretion of the individual. Check in time is 4:00 PM. Checkout time is 12 noon.

    You are responsible for making your own room reservations, and will be required to adhere to the resort's confirmation, deposit, guarantee and cancellation policies.

    Beware of Unauthorized Hotel Solicitations

    ABMA's official housing vendor is the host hotel named above. Attendees and exhibitors should be cautious of other companies that:

    • Call you directly and claim they are official housing partners and have the best rates for the ABMA Convention. The host hotel Resort will never call you directly to solicit a reservation.
    • Claim to be affiliated with the host hotel or ABMA by offering discounted hotel rates, which often can be too good to be true.
    • Ask you to provide your contact information and credit card details, and require full pre-payment in advance.
    • Claim to have availability at their advertised hotels, but may take the money for the rooms, then later cancel without refund to you.

    When booking your hotel for the meeting, please be sure that you are booking through the link provided through ABMA and contact ABMA HQ if you are approached by a company making the above claims. The following companies have previously solicited attendees and exhibitors for hotel rooms and should be ignored:

    • The Convention Housing Authority
    • Convention Housing
    • Convention Housing Services
    • Convention Rooms
    • CMI Event Travel
    • Exhibition Housing Services
    • Exhibition Housing
    • Exhibitors Housing Management
    • Global Expo Travel
    • Global Housing Management
    • Global Housing Services, Corp
    • Gulliver Travels
    • HLS Global
    • National Travel Associates

  • Convention Attendee Registration, Travel and Room Reservation Links

    Quick Links for Convention Registration, Hotel, Travel



    ----Registration 100 x 100.png


    ----AC 2015 Vinoy Logo
    Renaissance Vinoy Resort and Spa
    Event ID: ABMA (phone res only)
    +1 888 236-2427
    +1 727 894-1000
    Click on the link above for e-reservation

    ----Membership Renewal 100 x 100.png

    ABMA logo 2016

    Only the individual Key Contact of
    your organization may conduct
    membership transactions

    Hertz Logo 2011
    CV# 05330002
    1 800 654 2240 in USA
    1 405 749 4434

    ----Limousine 100 x 100.png

    Limo Services

  • Attendee Information

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    Golf Pairings
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    President's Welcome
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    Photo Gallery
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    My ABMA
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    ----Twitter 100 X 100.png

    President's Welcome
    Attendee Registration List
    Convention Booklet

    Suppliers Display Exhibitor Kit
    Suppliers Exhibitor List and Layout
    Exhibitor Contract and Policies
    Golf Tournament Pairings
    Convention Evaluation Online
    Convention Evaluation Form for Print
    Convention Evaluation Results
    Post Convention Photo Gallery - Courtesy of BrushExpert.com

    Looking for a previous convention?

    Convention Archives (Members Resources Page, then click on Convention Archives)