ABMA Safety Slips for Power Brushes

ANSI B165.1 - 2018 Public Review Underway

The Safety and Standards Committee of the American Brush Manufacturers Association reviews ANSI B165.1 - 2013 Power-Driven Brushing Tools - Safety Requirements for Design, Care, and Use on a regular, minimum 5 year cycle. In accordance with ANSI approved procedures, in 2018 this standard will be reviewed, revised, and updated through the Canvass Method with the support and interest of several organizations. The goal of this standard is to establish requirements for the design, care, and use of power-driven brushing tools in order to prevent injuries to those who use them.

Suggestions for improvement of the standard are welcomed and should be sent to the American Brush Manufacturers Association, P.O. Box 102, Waterville, Ohio 43566.

Resources for the 2018 Review are included below:

ABMA Canvass Procedures

ANSI B165.1 R2018 Complete Ballot Package

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Appeals Process

Canvass List

ANSI B165.1 R2018 Document for Approval

Summary of Revisions

2018 Safety Slip (Illustration 2)

Ballot Section C

If you or another member of your organization would like to be included in the 2023 Canvass, please contact Donna Frendt, ABMA Executive Director at dfrendt@abma.org