ABMA 92nd Annual Convention 2009
Photo Gallery

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Photos Courtesy of Michigan Brush Mfg. Co, Kapswan, and www.brushexpert.com

 AC 2009 012    AC 2009 Draper
 J. Andrew Dailey and Carlos Petzold
   Kristin Draper and Bill Shaul
AC 2009 Harper
  AC 2009 SD Meeting
 Barry Harper, ABMA President
   The Suppliers Divisional Meeting
AC 2009 Conga
  AC 2009 Josie and Girls
 The Morning Conga Line - Welcome to South Beach!
   Josie and the Girls, Guys...whatever

 Broom and Mop Division Meeting
   1st  Time Attendee RJ Lindstrom

 J. Andrew Dailey and Edward Pearson
   Pete Swist and Dennis Peterson
 Paula and Bill Caprel
   Gary Townes and ABMA Vice President Ian Moss
 AC 2009 FEIBP    
AC 2009 Fultz
Dave Parr, Evelyn Lourens and Henk Slettenhaar, FEIBP Pres.
   Mark Fultz
AC 2009 Ken Judi Sam
  AC 2009 Innovation
 Ken Rakusin, Judi Carroll, Sam Dixon
   Action at the Innovation Award Kiosks
 AC 2009 Lanoco   AC2009 Lindstrom
Kevin Lannon, John Lannon and Gus Treslo
   Pam and John Lindstrom
 AC 2009 Schuhmann   AC 2009 Prestons
 Evelyn Schuhmann
   Chip and Laura Preston with their girls Ann and Tether
 AC 2009 Swimsuits   AC 2009 Moss2
 Alice Castle, Josie Wadd and Kristin Draper
   Ian and Beverly Moss
 AC 2009 Line Dance   AC 2009 Enzo and Kristin
 Line Dancing
   Enzo Ferrari Leads the Twist Contest