American Brush Manufacturers Association

96th Annual Convention 2013

Photos Courtesy of brush_expert_logo

AC 2013 Ian and Melanie Moss
AC 2013 Sinykin Willie

ABMA President Ian Moss and Melanie Moss
Dan Sinykin of Monterey Mills Receives "Willie" from Carlos Petzold, ABMA Public Relations Chair
AC 2013 Andrea Susanna Aquaderni AC 2013 Yellow
Monica Petzold, Borghi USA; Karen Enchelmaier, Industrial Brush Co; Beverly Gale, Michigan Brush; ABMA President Ian Moss, Static Faction
Andrea and Susanna Aquaderni of SIT SpA
Brought to you by the color Yellow
AC 2013 Group at Dinner AC 2013 Kigyos Parr Carlson
Front (L to R) Kathy Parr, ABMA; Andrea Aquaderni and Susanna, SIT SpA; Robin Peters, Dreamscape; Charlie Coward, Hill Brush; Melanie Moss
Back (L to R) Albert and Susan Waksman, Corona Brushes; Daniel Strowitzki, FWTM; David Parr, ABMA; Ian Moss, Static Faction; Philip Coward, Hill Brush; Reinhold Hoerz, DKSH
Frank Kigyos, Zahoransky USA; David Parr, ABMA Executive Director; John Carlson, Carlson STI
AC 2013 Waksman 248w
AC 2013 Andrew & Sandy Mercer 248w
Albert and Susan Waksman, Corona Brushes Andy and Sandy Mercer, Spiral Brushes
AC 2013 Belen Romero Rosemarie Aguirre Magnetools 245w AC 2013 Belinda, Mark, Darlene & Matthias 248w
Belen Romero and Rosemarie Aguirre, Magnetools
Belinda May, Brushwork; Mark and Darlene Godfrey, Felton Inc; Mathias Peveling, Woehler
AC 2013 Dave Barry 244w AC 2013 David Rupert Bruns 244w
Dave Barry
David Rupert, Bruns Brush
AC 2013 DuPont Filaments 248w AC 2013 Ed Bell Winfried Schaefer Schlesinger 248w
Mark Godfrey, Felton Inc. meets with Tom Vichich, John Feathers, Kathy He and John Hackney of DuPont Filaments Ed Bell and Winfried Schaefer, Schlesinger Machine
AC 2013 Fili&Forme 248w AC 2013 Hahl-Pedex 248w
Jeff Malish, Malish Corp; Gian Pogliani, Fili&Forme; Terry Malish, Malish Corp; Bob Anderson, Fili&Forme Terry Hogan, Michael Holzmann, Florian Kisling and Andrew McIlroy of Hahl-Pedex
AC 2013 Ingrid Buch & Florestan von Boxberg 248w AC 2013 IWP 250w
Ingrid Buch, Fili&Forme; Florestan von Boxberg, Osborn
Fred Mirsky, Industrial Wood Products
AC 2013 Jose Roncero Rosemarie Aguirre 246w AC 2013 Kappie & Marty 248w
Jose Roncero and Rosemarie Aguirre, Magnetools
Kappie and Marty Swanson, ABMA
AC 2013 Karen Matthews, Lois & Dennis Peterson 248w AC 2013 Lanka Brush 250w
Karen Matthews, Justman Brush; Lois and Dennis Peterson, Northern Wood Products
Derek Peterson and Karen Smith of Lanka Brush surround Gary Townes of Magnolia Brush
AC 2013 Leistner Werkzeug 248w AC 2013 Lingling Tu Jieda 249w
Claudia Peveling, Woehler; Monica Leistner and Joerg Pauls of Leistner Werkzeug
Lingling Tu, Jieda
AC 2013 MultiBrosses 248w AC 2013 Nora Bravo Enrique Mejia Dennise Silva PMM 248w
(L-R) Rudy Deligdish, Deligh Industries; Vanessa Doyon, Mario Roy, Pierre-Luc Pare, Dominic Pare, Yves Germaine of Multibrosses; Derek Smith, Lanka Brush Exports
Nora Bravo, Enrique Mejia, Dennisa Silva, PMM
AC 2013 PMiller J Benjamin K & S Enchelamier 248w AC 2013 R Griswold M Fredrickson Jewel Wire 248w
Paul Miller, Mill Rose; Jim Benjamin, Precision Brush; Karen and Scott Enchelmaier, Industrial Brush Co
Richard Griswold and Mike Fredrickson, Jewel Wire, a division of Loos & Co
AC 2013 Sofia Teles Filkemp 244w AC 2013 Static Faction & DKSH 248w
Sofia Teles, Filkemp
Ian Moss, Static Faction and Reinhold Hoerz, DKSH
AC 2013 Todd Leventhal Nexstep 243w AC 2013 Todd Ramsey Ram 249w
Todd Leventhal, Nexstep Commercial Products
Todd Ramsey, Ram Mfg
AC 2013 Tricia & Danny Grant LaFrance 248w AC 2013 App Icon Small
Tricia and Danny Grant, LaFrance Industries div Mount Vernon Mills The ABMA App was a big success this year!