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Sageworks, Inc to Provide Profit Cents™ to ABMA Members - A Sophisticated Data Collection and Benchmarking Tool.

The American Brush Manufacturers Association (ABMA) is pleased to present Sageworks, Inc as a new member service provider. Sageworks, Inc provides a data collection and benchmarking tool "ProfitCents" that contains a highly specialized data collection, performance and benchmarking engine.

ProfitCents collects and reports industry specific benchmarking information relative to how your company measures up against its peers and the industry. The platform has sophisticated data security and confidentiality features built-in.

"Profit Cents" traditional clients include lending banks and audit firms. Recently they have opened up the association market to builder a stronger data base sort capability by NAICS code and are offering ABMA members an annual license fee discounted approximately 60% from their standard rates.

Included in the platform is a budgeting and modeling tool that is highly developed and supports real time multi year forecast generation, one cell at a time. This modeling tool is excellent for "what if" scenarios and is especially useful when building a presentation piece for your lenders, customers or shareholders.


To learn more about this exciting, new members-only benefit, please visit:

www.profitcents.com www.sageworksinc.com

Or contact:

Scott Carruth (x553)
Sageworks, Inc
5565 Centerview Drive, Suite 201
Raleigh, NC 27606
919 851-7474
Toll Free: 866 603-7029