Membership Types

Representing brush, broom & mop manufacturers, suppliers and machinery builders, the American Brush Manufacturers Association is a leading voice in the industry. Within the association are three types of membership:

  • Active (Manufacturer): Any individual, firm or corporation engaging in the manufacture of brushes, and kindred of allied products, including mops, rollers, and brooms, whose primary manufacturing facility is located in the United States and its territories.
    • A manufacturer is any individual, firm or corporation which makes broom, brush, mop, or roller products by converting raw materials into a completed product by a mechanical, electrical, or chemical (i.e., not manual) process and excluding packaging or composite assembly of finished goods.
  • Affiliate (Supplier): Any individual, firm or corporation engaging in the supply of raw material, and/or machinery and/or related service to Brush Manufacturers.
  • International Members: Any individual, firm or corporation that manufactures brooms, brushes, mops or like products, with an interest in the Industry, but without a manufacturing or distribution facility in North America ("International Manufacturers"), and meeting such additional membership eligibility requirements, if any, as are adopted from time to time by the Board of Directors, shall be eligible for International Membership. International Member is a non-voting, non exhibiting class of membership. International Members are allowed to attend the ABMA Annual Convention.

Your organization will apply for the type of membership best suited to your unique characteristics.

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