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Our Mission

The ABMA exists to help North American brush manufacturers by enhancing industry knowledge, providing an unparalleled variety of networking opportunities and promoting profitability for its members and the industry. ABMA strives to promote and strengthen value for its members to be the preferred and innovative source for broom, brush and mop products worldwide.

Furthermore, ABMA serves to:

  • To create widespread public awareness and understanding of the usefulness, desirability, and health giving benefits of high quality North American made brooms, brushes, mops and/or like products.
  • To provide to the Divisions and their affiliated members coordination of effort and other services to achieve objectives which an individual member could not independently achieve as efficiently, if at all.
  • To support its members, by maintaining contacts with appropriate branches of the respective member Governments, to keep abreast of legislation and current developments affecting tariffs, imports, specifications, taxes, etc. and to vigorously oppose any legislation or regulation which adversely affects membership companies.
  • To facilitate, on a friendly, personal basis, the exchange of management and technical experiences at Association meetings.
  • To encourage cooperation as well as mutual respect and understanding between Active, Affiliate and International members.
  • To represent its Members in the world community of the Industry.
  • To encourage the fair trade of North American Member-made brooms, brushes, mops and like products.
  • To oppose illegal imports of foreign-made brooms, brushes, mops and like products.

Today's brush industry delivers innovative, cost effective solutions to your tough engineering problems. Look to ABMA members for solutions to today's production problems, or tomorrow's needs.