Cardinal Brush Introduces Prematek™ Squeegee Blades

Wed May 11, 2016

Cardinal Brush Introduces Prematek™ Squeegee Blades
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Olathe, Kansas. . .Cardinal Brush Corporation, a leader in providing cylindrical and rotary replacement brushes as well as squeegee blades to the commercial and industrial floor cleaning industry, has introduced Prematek™ Genuine Rubber Squeegees.
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Part of the ProCut™ line of floor machine squeegees the company introduced in 2014, Prematek™ is the new premium product in the line. Engineered from natural rubber, Prematek™ incorporates advanced technology to address the most typical problems found in other floor squeegees.

Prematek™ Squeegees offer longer life with no reduction in elasticity and flexibility. They provide improved water pick-up, regardless of the floor surface. Because they create less friction, Prematek™ Squeegees require less force to collect water. They also stay dirt-repellent longer and require less energy. Less energy can mean longer battery life, even when using less water.

President Jim Hartsock stated, "We are thrilled to offer something completely unique to the industry. We are calling this product The Future of Squeegee Blades because it really represents the next generation in these types of products."

Prematek™ Squeegees fit most of the major OEM floor care machines in the industry.

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