ZAHORANSKY improves output and operating comfort in twisted-in-wire brushes with new lines and improved machine controls

Thu June 25, 2020

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With its new ZMI 4.0 machine controls, ZAHORANSKY AG not only ensures greater operator Zah Sailfin 1 062520 400w.jpg efficiency, but also significantly increases the output of twisted-in-wire brushes. In the production of mascara, medical, and interdental brushes, the Z.SAILFIN, running on new software, now boasts an output increase of 12 percent. Instead of 85 brushes, the machine can now produce up to 95 brushes per minute with more precise controls of the servo motors. The output of the completely redeveloped Z.LYNX 3 in the production of twisted-in-wire brushes increases almost two-fold, depending on the brush model – from four to up to 7.5 brushes per minute (an increase of 85 percent). The completely reprogrammed ZMI 4.0 is now even smarter. Controls are consistently geared towards the requirements of the operator: Machines running on the new software can be operated without great training effort, thanks to intuitive touch controls with new icons and wizards. For example, test users managed to program trimming profiles, and start the machine, five to up to ten minutes quicker.