A Few Simple Rules for Safe BBQ Grilling

Tue May 26, 2015

A Few Simple Rules for Safe BBQ Grilling

As grill season approaches please remember a few simple rules for safe grilling:

1.       Always use the correct brush for the job. A wire scratch brush for removing paint or rust is NOT a grill cleaning brush. Be sure you ABMA BBQ Grill 05 15are using a brush designed to clean grilling surfaces, and that it is intended for the type of grill which you are using. If you are not sure, go get the right brush.

2.       Carefully inspect your grill cleaning brush for loose or damaged bristles. If you find any bristles that are loose, severely bent or broken replace your grill brush.

3.       Visually inspect your grill each time before you place food on the grates for cooking to be certain there are no bristles or any other foreign matter in the immediate area or stuck to the grill.

4.       When cleaning your grill make certain that no residue is left on the grill before you begin cooking.

The American Brush Manufacturers Association. Enjoy a happy and safe grilling season!

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