ABMA Board of Directors Proposes By Laws Revisions

Tue February 23, 2016

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ABMA Board of Directors Proposes By Laws Revisions to Improve Association

To be presented to the membership at the upcoming 2016 Annual Convention

Review Proposed By Laws Changes

The ABMA Board of Directors has a set of proposed By Laws changes to present to the membership at the closing business session, scheduled for Saturday, March 5, 2016 during the 99th ABMA Annual Convention. The proposed changes will be presented and discussed at the meeting, following by a vote for adoption.

David Parr, ABMA Executive Director says "these proposed changes are bring presented to the membership in an effort to fine tune the sweeping changes that were made back in the year 2000. Since we re-organized the way the association works we have had a lot of time and experience to see how we can improve the association work for our members. Theses proposed changes reflect the efforts of the Board of Directors who are focused on making ABMA better, year in and year out."

Summary of Proposed Changes

In a nutshell, the proposed changes provide the following:

  1. Restore voting privileges for the Past President. Commentary: The Past President has been on the Board of Directors longer than anyone else in the room and provides valuable insight, opinion and leadership to the entire Board. Restoring voting privileges to the Past President simply restores responsibility commensurate with continued participation.
  2. Removal of references to the Management Liaison. Commentary: This is simply a housekeeping item as there has been no Management Liaison position since 2002 and it isn't needed.
  3. Reduce the number of Directors from Eighteen to Seventeen. Commentary: This reflects the removal of the Management Liaison position from the Board of Directors.
  4. Elect six directors from the Active Membership and six directors from the Affiliate/Supplier Membership. Commentary: This change in flexibility allows the Association to seek qualified candidates from the Active membership without the divisional restrictions of the past. Frankly, there are a number of moving pieces in this story over the past two decades. ONE - there is considerable divisional cross-over that didn't exist years ago. The divisional lines between active member types are quite blurred, which actually improves cross communication and cross fertilization of ideas. While the association remains committed to Divisional structure, we firmly believe that increasing the flexibility of Director recruitment strengthens the association for all members. However there is language added to the work of the Leadership Development Committee that directs the LD Committee to seek a balanced variety of divisional representation for the board - just to remove its absolute requirement. TWO - Divisional activity will still function through the creation of self-directed Task Forces which remains in the by-laws and allows specialized groups for specific project and need based work. THREE - These changes will also allow the association to further strengthen the Wednesday afternoon educational program; adding value to our annual convention. There will still be a Divisional Meeting format at the Annual Convention to allow for exchange of ideas and Divisional specific information.
  5. Create four year terms for all directors not serving on the Executive Board. Commentary: This change will allow for increased participation at the Suppliers Divisional level, and will create a smoother, more regular flow of directors serving on the Association Board. Under the current situation, a Supplier director who start with a four year ad hoc position and then moves through chairs may serve as an association director for as long as 12 years at the divisional level, followed by another 8 years if they move onto the Executive Board. The reduction in term service allows for a shorter commitment and increase the opportunity for more willing members to serve on the ABMA Board of Directors. It will however, allow a director to serve a second four year term as approved.

These proposed changes will be presented and fully discussed at the meeting. Please direct your comments to any member, director or to ABMA HQ in advance of the meeting. A copy of the proposed by laws revisions will be included in the welcome packet of every attendee who is eligible to vote on the matter.