ABMA Data Collection Survey is Now Available - Complete by August 14.

Thu July 16, 2015

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ABMA 2015 Data Collection Survey is Now Available - Complete by August 14th

The  Data Collection Survey is the ABMA Statistical Committee's latest effort to obtain meaningful information about our membership.  The survey is brief and is being conducted on a totally anonymous basis.  Take a few moments and complete the survey, or forward the survey to the appropriate person for completion.  Best estimates for some of your answers are acceptable. 

The online survey applies to wage and benefit data in effect as of your last fiscal year.  It is easy to complete, and the information you provide is completely confidential.  The online survey is available:

The Data Collection Survey is conducted every three years. You may download or view the prior survey results by using this link:

·         Is your health plan comparable to others in the industry?

·         Are some of your competitors receiving better discounts on LTL shipments than you are?

·         Does it take your staff less than 5 minutes to enter an order?About half of the previous respondents take more than 5 minutes; there are real savings if you can examine your business and move from one category to the other.

·         A majority have a web site. Do you? Are you using it for business promotion or orders?

·         When business was stronger, a significant portion of the respondents had flat or falling sales over the past 3 and 5 years. What did that portend for their future? Where were you positioned?

The answers to these questions may be worth one million dollars in your business.  Maybe the value is only $1,000, or somewhere in between.  Whatever the answer, there is real return on your membership dues if you participate in this report and then study its results.

If your company has not previously participated in the survey, please take the opportunity to participate in this effort. Remember, the results of the Data Collection Survey are available to the industry and will have more benchmarking significance for your firm if you are one of the participating member companies. This survey is an essential tool for every company in their evaluation and wage adjustment process. Once you participate you will wonder how you ever managed without it.

The deadline for participating is Friday August 14th.  Get the most from your ABMA membership and participate today!