ABMA Special Convention Announcement Reminder - You Have a Homework Assignment

Mon February 22, 2016

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February 2016
Monthly Brush Up Special Convention Issue - You Have a Homework Assignment - Reminder

Many thanks if you have already completed the assessment.


​All attendees of the 2016 ABMA 99th Convention are asked to complete the profile survey using the link above.
​The link will open up to a assessment tool that is an important part of Bill Napolitano's presentation on Wednesday March 2, 2016. The assessment tool will only take a few minutes to complete and all of your information will available to you for the meeting.

​It is important for you to complete the assessment tool as it is an integral part of an organizational evaluation to assist in an organizational development process. Completing the assessment tool will allow you a much deeper understanding of the presentation and will add considerable value to your organizational development efforts and understanding. Complete the assessment now: