ABMA Trade Partner Dreamscape Now Offering

Thu October 29, 2015

ABMA Trade Partner Dreamscape Now Offering "Fly Through" Video Capability

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Many of you know of Dreamscape as the company producing the ABMA 2017 Anniversary Convention videos. Their crew has interviewed many of our members about their distinctive pasts, and some member companies have used Dreamscape as a resource for their own corporate and/or training videos.

CEO Robin Christian Peters announced that they now utilize a UAS quadcopter with 4k or HD camera capabilities.  "This is the highest end, yet small and quiet radio-controlled copters available, and we have been able to capture some incredible footage", said Peters. "Carrying a high resolution small camera, we can 'float' past entire factories and office structures, providing a breath-taking view that wasn't afforded us unless in the past even with a crane or dolly."

For a limited time, Robin is offering this aerial capability for free.  He said he can't make money from flying a camera copter until FAA regulations are sorted out, but as a hobbyist he can fly and film all he wants while following their current guidelines.

If you think your facilities would benefit from the hovering camera and unique perspective of an award winning film producer, please contact Robin at his Illinois or California offices:

Robin@Dreamscape.LA, or phone 310-499-8549 or 217-359-8484.

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