ABMA is grateful for your support in 2021 and every year

Thu February 4, 2021


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A letter from Scott Enchelmaier, ABMA President

Dear Fellow ABMA Member

In 2021 your association marks its 104th anniversary. On behalf of the entire association let me thank you for your past support and loyalty to ABMA.  The networking opportunities, friendships and general industry awareness are a big part of the value of ABMA.  Your involvement makes us a better organization.

Our Association continues an exciting period of development.  In 2020 we introduced ABMA Educational Institute Quarterly Webinars. We also introduced ABMA Emerging Leaders. Both are off to a great start. During 2020 we further developed our statistical offerings by adding monthly COVID surveys, Economic Indicators and presented our third year of industry market and balance of trade statistics survey. We continue to receive positive feedback relative to the effectiveness of our voluntary broom and mop packaging standards, developed through ASTM. We also successfully worked with ANSI to update our Industry Standard for the safe use of Power Brushes. Our activities in 2020 make your membership in ABMA more important than ever. Additionally, association staff kept operating costs under tight control, keeping dues affordable. Looking ahead for 2021, we will continue our dedication to always improving your membership value equation. We look forward to your continuing support of ABMA and encourage your input. Please consider serving on an ABMA working committee. The benefits you gain more than outweigh the small commitment of time and energy.

Below is your annual dues statement.

Please note for 2021 the Board is pleased to offer a $100 discount on all dues paid by January 31, 2021. In addition, since the 2021 convention is virtual, there will be no collection of the Suppliers Assessment for 2021, marking a pronounced reduction in suppliers 2021 dues.   The ABMA board is sensitive to member’s need during the pandemic. Please return your support of the ABMA.

This year’s virtual convention will be March 17-18 at your computer screen.  In addition to the product meetings, Association and Industry content, you will enjoy networking with your peers. Attendance at the ABMA convention will yield results that more than cover your investment! 

We wish you a safe and happy holiday season. On behalf of the board of directors, thank you for your continued support of ABMA.


D. Scott Enchelmaier


Fiscal Year 2021 ABMA Annual Dues

Each Active and International member shall be assigned the following number of Dues Units each year based on its Annual North American Sales Volume for its last completed fiscal year.

Please note your Dues Units and pay the appropriate amount. Thank you for your support.  

DUES                                               PAY BY JAN 31                  PAY FEB 1                                                             

UNITS     SALES VOLUME                     EARLY BIRD DUES                AFTER FEB 1        

   4           Under $500,000                         $580.00                                     $680.00                                

   5           $500,000-1,000,000                   $750.00                                      $850.00                                

   6           $1-2,000,000                              $920.00                                   $1,020.00                                

   7           $2-5,000,000                   $1,090.00                           $1,190.00                               

   8           $5-10,000,000                         $1,260.00                                $1,360.00                                

   9           $10-15,000,000                       $1,430.00                                $1,530.00                               

 10           $15-20,000,000           $1,600.00                                $1,700.00                               

 11           $20-25,000,000                       $1,770.00                                $1,870.00                               

 12           $25-30,000,000                       $1,940.00                                $2,040.00                               

 13           $30-35,000,000                       $2,110.00                                $2,210.00                               

 14           $35-40,000,000                       $2,280.00                                $2,380.00                               

 15           $40-45,000,000                       $2,450.00                                $2,550.00                               

 16      $45-50,000,000+   $2,620.00                             $2,720.00                               

BRANCHES/SUBSIDIARIES? Pay dues on a consolidated basis and add branches/subsidiaries for $275 each to get individual listings. 


BCH/SUB ______________________________                                         


BCH/SUB ______________________________              


BCH/SUB ______________________________      


Your dues must be paid in full prior to Annual Convention Registration

If you have any questions about your membership or this invoice, please contact headquarters at +720 392-2262, or info@abma.org immediately.

Your Association leadership has opted to pay any liability for the lobbying proxy tax. You may deduct the full dues payment as a business expense. Please consult your tax advisor for further clarification.

Your dues are payable upon receipt in U.S. dollars drawn on a U.S. bank.  If paying via wire, please add $30 USD for the wire transfer service fee.


Dues                          ________


Bch/Sub @ $275ea     ________


Wire Xfer Fee @ $30   ________




TOTAL                       ________


  ABMA Members have three options when paying their Membership Dues.

1)     ONLINE: The company key contact may go online, shop for the company, and pay dues.



2)     CHECK:  Mail a check made payable to ABMA in US dollars drawn on a US Bank.

American Brush Manufacturers Association
736 Main Ave Ste 7
Durango, CO 81301-5479


3)     WIRE TRANSFER:  Please contact HQ for wire information.  If you opt to send a wire transfer, please add $30 USD to your total for the wire transfer service fee and then use the following bank    information for your dues payment.

Renew online

The company key contact may go online, shop for the company, and pay dues.