ABMA Emereging Leaders Elects Initial Board of Directors

Fri February 5, 2021

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The American Brush Manufacturers Association is proud to announce the ABMA Emerging Leaders has elected its initial Board of Directors. These directors will serve two year terms and will spearhead the ABMA Emerging Leaders program of work, which will include the group's opening event as a part of the 104th ABMA Annual Convention on March 17, 2021.

----Kevin White Headshot 140w 020421.jpg
President - Kevin White from Industrial Brush Company, Fairfield, NJ

----Medrano Headshot 140w 020121.JPG
Vice President - Miguel Medrano from Borghi USA, Aberdeen, MD

----Thomas Cottam Headshot 140w 020521.jpg
Secretary / Treasurer - Thomas Cottam from Industrial Brush Corporation, St George, UT

The ABMA EMERGING LEADERS is a peer networking and leadership group whose aim is to connect young industry professionals to further develop their interests, expertise and leadership in the industry.

This group is open to anyone 45 years old or younger who is actively engaged within the broom, brush, roller, mop, paint industry, whose organization is an ABMA member.

This group will offer professional development workshops, seminars, webinars, and complimentary networking events and opportunities.

Mentorship: The program will offer opportunities for industry professionals over the age of 45 to engage and develop young talent

Community Service: This group will partner with local charities and the ABMA Foundation to provide community services as identified by the ABMA Emerging Leaders Board.

No separate membership fee is required to participate in ABMA Emerging Leaders.

If you are a young professional in our industry:

Be a part of a great peer group leadership opportunity.
Ramp up your understanding of the industry and all of its uniqueness.
Engage with others in a friendly, educational and supportive setting.

If you are a business owner or senior leader in your organization:

Encourage participation to best develop and retain your top talent.
Fast track personnel development with the benefits of peer association
Consider serving as a mentor to others as a way to give back to the industry.

Please contact ABMA HQ to join.