ABMA Suppliers Display Face 2 Face Meeting Request Site Now Open

Wed February 20, 2019

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ABMA 2019 Suppliers Display "Face 2 Face" Meeting Requests Are Now Available and Open

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For 2019 the Suppliers Display format takes on a new twist as we introduce "Face 2 Face" table top meetings that can be scheduled in advance. These ten minutes sessions will allow for maximum networking and uninterrupted conversation. Please remember for 2019 the booth and exhibition show of previous years has been replaced with "Face 2 Face" to conserve costs for Suppliers who for 2019 must leave their Pop Up displays at home.

Here's How It Works

Please use these steps below to request meetings. Please remember to register for the ABMA 102nd Annual Convention separately. Only registered attendees of the 102nd Annual Convention may participate in Face 2 Face meetings.

1.  Log into https://abma.sharpmeeting.net/user-login

2. Enter your email address to log into the system. Be patient for 10-15 seconds as the system loads and refreshes the data or you may have to click a second time after waiting to get in. If your email does not allow you into the system please contact ABMA HQ for assistance so we can get your email into our database.

3. Follow the on screen instructions to select the organizations with which you request a meeting. A Manufacturer may request a meeting with a Supplier or a Supplier may request a meeting with a Manufacturer.

4. As we get closer to the Annual Convention we will get back to everyone with a meeting schedule.

5. Please remember that we will try and accommodate as many meetings as possible and there will be a large block of open time during which you should be able to see everyone on your list.

Face 2 Face meetings at the ABMA 2019 Annual Convention. Suppliers get to leave their Pop Up displays at home and come to Atlantis for some serious networking. See you there!