Write Your Legislator to Have Your Business Declared Essential Improved Version

Sun March 22, 2020

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Act today to ensure our cleaning industry is declared “essential” during this time of crisis. In addition, if your organization does work for the Defense Department you may also be deemed essential. It is time for you to act now.

As you know, ABMA members like you play a vital role in protecting the public health through the manufacturing and distribution of cleaning equipment, cleaning products, and by providing cleaning tools to hospitals, residential care facilities, schools, and institutional buildings across the country. It's up to us to educate elected officials and the public about the critical role the cleaning industry is playing in combating this crisis.
Governments throughout the U.S. are understandably taking drastic steps to combat the rapid transmission of COVID-19, including shutting down businesses deemed non-essential. 

Please take a moment to contact your elected officials to request they recognize the cleaning industry and defense department supply chain as essential, providing products and services that are indispensable in the effort to combat the spread of COVID-19.

On behalf of ABMA, thank you for doing this and for all you're doing to stem the spread the of the coronavirus.

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