FEIBP Awards ABMA Special 100th Anniversary Commemorative Platter

Mon April 10, 2017

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----AC 2017 T Stollberg 250w.JPGDuring the ABMA 100th Annual Convention, Thorsten Stollberg, FEIBP President presented a  magnificent engraved platter to Mark Fultz, President of ABMA, to commemorate the ABMA's 100th Anniversary. The platter itself has an interesting history as well.

Thorsten Stollberg, FEIBP President

----100th Anniversary plate from FEIBP 329w.PNG

The FEIBP plate was 'discovered by chance' by Susanna Cavazza from Societa Italiana Technospazzole SpA  in an Antique shop in Bologna.

It is Solid Silver, it was build early 1900's so it is as old as ABMA!

The plate style is called 'Barocchetto' ( light baroque).  This particular style is historically placed in the years 1730-1760.  The French name for this style is 'Rococò' (from rocaille/coquille related to this decoration being somehow similar to a shell).  The 'Rococò' style was born in France with Louis 16th and in Italy was called 'Barocchetto'.

A platter build with this style is a symbol of 'long lasting beauty', of 'solid friendship', of 'best wishes for prosperity'

....for all our ABMA friends from FEIBP!