ABMA Wage Survey 2019 for FY 2018 is Now Published

Sat August 31, 2019

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Association-Wide Wage Rates and Fringe Benefits Survey Report is Now Available

Presenting the Association-wide Wage Rates and Fringe Benefits Survey Report.  There were 13 participating companies who benchmarked their data along with their industry peers.

Download Survey Report

These reports were modeled after the separate efforts done previously and exclusively for the Industrial Brush Division and the Paint Applicator Division. 

The format for the survey results is straight-forward. Information has been compiled with strict confidentiality guidelines and all data will be destroyed 90 days after survey release.

The results of this Wage Rates and Fringe Benefits Survey are made available to ABMA member companies and the Industry.

If you have any comments on how ABMA can improve future reports and increase participation, please direct them to the Chair of the Statistical Committee: Mike Zimmerman of The Wooster Brush Company.

Thank you for your continued support of the Association through your involvement in this report.

Mike Zimmerman, Chair