A Message of Thanks from the ABMA

Fri November 9, 2018

ABMA logo 2016

Dear Fellow, ABMA members          ----Petzold

As we get closer to Thanksgiving and the year-end Holidays, I think about what I give thanks for.  I am very thankful for being part of the Brush Industry and thankful for how our small company has grown over the years and added new employees, working as a team for our customers’ benefit which contributes to our own success.  Belonging to the ABMA has helped us grow.

Below is a link to the ABMA 100th Anniversary movie (staring Ed Asner).  It’s worth watching again.

The opening talks about the products and commerce that we are directly connected to which is who we are in our work lives.  The docudrama showcases what ABMA members do every day as we try to do well by our customers and ourselves.  Please share this movie with your employees and family and remember that you are part of this wonderful, “wacky” Industry.


ABMA 100th Anniversary movie link:  https://youtu.be/J1e_2iEGQFE

Happy Thanksgiving to all ABMA members across the globe!  Hope to see you in March 2019 in the Bahamas.

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