ABMA Announces My ABMA.org, a Closed FaceBook Group for Networking

Fri December 28, 2018

ABMA logo 2016

The American Brush Manufacturers Association today unveils MyABMA.org on Facebook


MyABMA.org is a closed group for the American Brush Manufacturers Association member community to network issues, ideas and to communicate and plan events or get togethers.

The Purpose of MyABMA.org
This group is for you and belongs to you.
MyABMA.org is a closed group consisting of requesting or invited and accepted individuals who are employees of ABMA member companies (community) for the purpose of providing additional networking opportunities for the members of the community. This group will allow postings that foster shared learning, collaboration over shared interests and opportunities for community members to plan outings and events in which community members can collect, usually around an ABMA or other industry event. For example members of the group may plan a golf outing (fill up a foursome) or a scuba diving trip (share boat expenses) before or after the ABMA Annual Convention. Members of an ABMA subset may want to hold a meeting to discuss an industry issue relevant to that subset as long as any meeting is held under the guidance of with the ABMA Anti Trust Policy. Perhaps a member wants to reach out to other members in a geographic community to work on a volunteer project together.

Request to join the group and start connecting the possibilities and opportunities.