ABMA Emerging Leaders Happy Hours Event June 15, 2021

Tue May 25, 2021

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JUNE 15, 2021


"My pet does this one thing that is so cool I wish my co-workers could do it too”

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For this event you need to come prepared with the following:

  1. A picture or video of your featured pet or have your pet join you on screen!

  2. You will have your opportunity to tell us the following:
    Your name, your title, your company, and a description of what your company does.
    Tell us your story about one very cool thing your pet does, and how it would be great if your co-workers could also do that one very cool thing.

For this Happy Hour event we will share our stories and network and do some other fun and useful stuff including deciding on the lesson topic for the September quarterly meeting (so bring ideas).

A Leadership Group for Young Professionals in the Brush Industry

ABMA EMERGING LEADERS is a peer networking and leadership group whose aim is to connect young industry professionals to further develop their interests, expertise and leadership in the industry.

This group is open to anyone age 45 or younger who is actively engaged within the broom, brush, roller, mop, or paint industry, whose organization is an ABMA member.

This group offers professional development workshops, seminars, webinars, and  
complimentary networking events and opportunities.

Come check out ABMA EL

See you on June 15th