The Mill Rose Company Power Duece Wins The 2017 Wm. A. Cordes Innovation Excellence Award

Mon April 10, 2017

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The Plumbing Industry is and always has been fairly rudimentary when it comes to cleaning copper fittings and tubing for the purpose of soldering the joint. It has been forever a process using tools like the twisted wire fitting brush, abrasive cloth, abrasive pads, tube brushes, etc., all performed manually.  In addition, this practice has also been a time-consuming, labor-intense method with predictable long-term physical wear and tear on the hands of the user.

The innovative “Power Deuce” is a quantum leap forward. It is an all-in-one solution that affords the plumber the ability to clean the same diameter of the fitting and the tube using a single tool.

It consists of two brushes; an inside brush for cleaning the tube and an outside brush for cleaning the fitting. Both are encased in a durable ABS housing with an attached metal shank that chucks into a cordless drill.
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By simply extending the housing for cleaning the tube or retracting it for cleaning fittings, the Power Deuce is a two-in one cleaning tool and a “dream come true.”

The power of the drill displaces the manual method and totally eliminates the physicality of cleaning thousands of fittings and tube ends.

Even more impressive is the reduction in the hours of labor required to accomplish this the old-fashioned way. The Power Deuce can reduce labor time by more than 50%. That is significant to a contractor who is assembling hundreds of fittings to tube in a residential water system and thousands in a commercial one.

The Power Deuce is designed to clean thousands of fittings and tube ends. With the durability and time-savings it offers, it is more economical in the long run than the old-school method…not to mention the wear and tear on the hands!

The Power Deuce is available in three individual  sizes;  ½’, ¾” and 1”, or in a handy kit called the “Power Pack” which features all three sizes and a “Quick Chuck” adapter for the plumber’s cordless drill.

The Power Deuce …”Application and Innovation” a brushing tool from The Mill-Rose Company.