Abtex Deburring System Enhances Safety and Production for Leading Canadian Chute Manufacturer

Thu June 16, 2016

Abtex Deburring System Enhances Safety and Production for Leading Canadian Chute Manufacturer

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Since 1990, Superchute has invented and manufactured chute systems, debris nets, guardrail systems and column forms, primarily for the construction industry. The LaSalle, Canada-based company (near Montreal) prides itself on continuously inventing creative solutions for keeping construction workers and the general public safe during construction projects and beyond.

With safety as a primary business focus. Superchute owner Andy Anson became concerned when burrs at the ends of a mill-cut, four-foot aluminum extrusion -- an essential component of one of its wraparound chute systems -- posed a safety hazard for his employees and customers. 

At first, Superchute employees deburred the extrusions with buffing wheels. But with deliveries of 12,000 pieces at a time and a need for about 100 extrusions per day, the process was inefficient and labor-intensive.  Each piece took about 30 seconds of valuable labor time and buffing wheels were expensive.

So Andy Anson sought the help of Abtex Corp., the world’s leading manufacturer of integrated machine/brush deburring systems. After studying Andy’s production process, Abtex engineers recommended a customized single-end deburring system that would dramatically enhance Superchute’s productivity.

Now, in the time it previously took to hand-deburr three pieces, the Abtex machine deburrs 26 pieces, significantly increasing productivity and enabling Superchute to redeploy its personnel much more efficiently. In addition, the Abtex system’s integrated dust collector makes for a safer and cleaner work environment for Superchute.

And now, Andy Anson has more time to develop more creative chute solutions.

“It was a substantial investment but well worth it,” Anson said. “The system is absolutely perfect!”

Where machine, brush and burr intersect, Abtex dominates.

About Abtex Corp.
Since 1980, Abtex Corporation has been providing integrated brush/machine deburring solutions to the North American manufacturing industry.  The company supplies filament brushes and custom-designed deburring machines for a wide variety of machined-part, aluminum-extrusion, fine-blanked, and powdered-metal applications. Customers include manufacturers such as automotive Tier 2 & Tier 3 parts producers.  For more information, please go to www.abtex.com.