Beware 2016 ABMA Convention Room Scam

Mon August 17, 2015

Dear Members

For those of you interested in attending the 2016 ABMA 99th Annual Convention please be aware of a potential scam being perpetrated by the company below:

The number they are calling from is 888-511-7396 and they are representing themselves as The Hyatt in Bonita Springs, FL. They will pressure into making your room reservation and then charge you immediately for their services.

This company is not to be used. They are not part of the hotel and are trying to trick you into using them as a broker to secure your hotel room, so they can collect a broker's fee.

As usual, ABMA has direct online access for making hotel reservation to ABMA conventions. See the ABMA website for ABMA Convention information. ABMA Convention registration opens January 1, 2016.