Boucherie Borghi News

Tue January 16, 2018

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Sauro Fiorini and his office colleague, Antonia Latre, managed GHIRBO SL [the Spanish subsidiary of Borghi Spa] for 33 years. Now that the time has come for them to retire, we wish to express our heartfelt thanks for their collaboration, support and professionalism demonstrated for so many years, firstly towards the Borghi company and then also to the Boucherie Borghi Group. 

The story of Ghirbo dates back to 1984, when, after years of presence of Borghi machinery in the Spanish market, Borghi needed to open a company branch in Spain.  This branch was needed to provide support to customers of the Iberian Peninsula and also because Spain represented a crucial trade-connection with Central and South America.

Enzo Ferrari, as president of Borghi, together with Sauro Fiorini, as sales manager of Ghirbo [Sauro lived in Barcelona and also managed a factory for the production of plastic fibers], founded Ghirbo s.l. in Barcelona which was the first foreign subsidiary for Borghi. The name comes from the anagram of the word Borghi.

Ghirbo s.l. will continue to be operative with a new General Manager, Mr. Javier Diéguez, and the active participation of some key figures of Borghi s.p.a. The new team members for Ghirbo are:

  • Paolo Roversi: President
  • Maurizio Campedelli: Sales Director
  • Javier Diéguez: General Manager
  • Liberto Crespo: Technical Director
  • Luis Velázquez: Logistics Manager
  • Valentin González: Technician

Please join us in wishing Sauro and Antonia a happy retirement as well as a warm welcome to Javier and best wishes to everyone at team GHIRBO!