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Tue November 28, 2017

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Stand alone blister packaging machine


The BM-DUO is an economical stand-alone blister packaging machine designed for small and medium sized products, with forming, filling, sealing and cutting station all in one a mono-block machine frame :

 Precise temperature control of thepre-heating plates ( direct contact sandwich type) with separate thermocouples for top and bottom.

 2-up thermoforming (2-up) by a combination of vacuum and compressed air.

 The formed blister shells are detached from the film to eliminate pulling and stretching of the film.

 Ample loading area for manual or automatic feeding of the products

 Magazine for backer card supply with pick and place robot to put the backer card onto the blister shell.

 Sealing by means of heat and pressure with sensor to check if the cover material is present.

 Economical single die punching station.

 Automatic separation of the waste



  • Ideal for smaller volumes because of the easy and fast change-over from one blister model to another.

  • Continuous automatic production process

  • Very user friendly, with operation speed, production numbers, error messages and troubleshooting all shown on the touch screen interface. Speed control by means of frequency converter.

  • The blister packaging line can be linked to one toothbrush manufacturing line with an automatic transfer system of the products, for reduced manual handling of the brushes
  • Up to 40 individual blisters per minute