Borghi USA Carwash Day

Mon November 2, 2020

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----Borghiusa CW#2 400w.jpg   Understandably, 2020 has been a surprising year for everyone. It also presented us with new opportunities, new ventures and most of us coming together. Borghi USA remains committed to supporting our employees and our customers to keep working together moving forward in a positive direction. We believe in working hard, and also playing hard.  So, Borghi USA had an outdoor event, only for company personnel and their spouses and partners to have some fun with brushes.  Yeeha!

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Right to Left, above:  Matt Tompkins (G.M.), Carlos Petzold (Pres.), Miguel Medrano (Dir. of Marketing), & Leo Juarez (Technical Support and 1st Class Grill-Master)

A BIG THANK YOU! To Magnolia Brush and Adjust-A-Brush for donating their excellent carwash brushes that made cleaning fun and easy (the right tool for the job!).

Cars were vacuumed and cleaned inside out.  Food was grilled and a good time had by all, and squirting the bosses with the hose was not out of the question.   Teamwork, attention to detail and enjoying each other outside of work allowed us to blow off some steam and eat some great food, grilled up by Leo who knows his way around his Webber and how to work on brush machines!  Matt’s children [Nicholas and Nathan] also got into the act and the tradition of handwashing an automobile was passed onto the next generation of brush consumers.

We wish everyone in the Brush Industry good times, health, happiness and prosperity.  Hope to see you soon once this pandemic is over.  Ciao for now from Borghi USA!

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