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Thu June 3, 2021

Do you still believe two is better than one?

Traditional double head brush machines are complex, big and often can’t operate to their full potential. Based on our experience with toothbrush manufacturing technology, we stopped to wonder: why not develop a single filling tool solution for household brushes with the same output as a double header?

----Boucherie Aeola Machine 060321.png

Introducing Aeola

With Aeola we are writing a new chapter in brush manufacturing technology. Never before has a filling tool of a household brush machine reached the Aeola speed, which is roughly about twice as high as anything existing today. A clever solution allows drilling perfect holes, even at these bullet speeds. The machine is very compact, mechanically simple and has a substantially lower energy consumption than any other comparable 5-axis brush machines.

----Boucherie Aeola Turret 060321.png

Eliminating the start-stop cycles of the main motor, Aeola is a highly energy-efficient solution

Discover how Aeola works

Take a look at how the brush holder turrets inside Aeola independently move from work station to work station with no indexing time on most brush models.

Watch the movie

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Boost your production with this 
game-changing machine concept?

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