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Tue May 24, 2022

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The end of vertical double headers?

Vertical brush machines were introduced 130 years ago. We believe it is time for something new!

How about a machine having pretty much the same output as a double header vertical machine, but with only 3 sets of clamps instead of 6 or even 12?  With only one drill instead of 3? Or with even only one filling tool instead of two?

And would you not like to continue to load the blocks in a horizontal clamp, as you are used to?  How about being able to do that without having to reach dangerously in between filling tools and drills?  Probably you wouldn’t mind such a machine using only half the floor space you are used to? And on top of that it having an energy efficiency which is unheard of?

Not possible you think? Not any longer!
Introducing NM: another example of  Boucherie’s heart for technology

NM uses Boucherie’s most innovative technology, which combines a super high tufting speed with a continuously running filling tool that doesn’t stop between consecutive brushes. The machine is laid out as a compact horizontal carousel with only 3 clamping stations, and with extremely good accessibility for maintenance and change-over. Eliminating the start/stop cycles of the main motor, and equipped with the newest generation of electronics, NM saves energy and goes big with only a small footprint!

[Take a look at the Video]

“Highest output on a safe machine with a small footprint and at a very economical price.”


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