ABMA Mourns the Passing of Andrea Chiappelli of Brush Research Mfg

Mon March 16, 2020

Andrea Chiappelli of Brush Research Mfg passed Friday March 13, 2020. Andrea was well ----Andrea Chiappelli 3 400w.jpegknown in the brush industry as over the years he worked at a number of ABMA member companies. ABMA will provide more information as it becomes available.

Please see below a note from his wife Tori:
Andrea passed away last Friday after a long, hard year of fighting this cruel disease.

The generosity from everyone involved with ABMA, our family and friends,  and the foundation grant made his last wish possible: to spend the end of his life with his family at home in Italy. Andrea and I were both astonished at the response to our call for help and will always be incredibly grateful for what that response made possible.

We were able to extend his life as comfortably as we could and the end was peaceful and as dignified as possible. Although this isn’t what we fought for last year, it’s all we could have hoped for in the end.

Andrea was a beautiful soul and our life together was incredible. I’m honored to have spent the time we were blessed to have with each other and will forever honor the memories we made together. He was an exceptional partner in my life and in others and will be missed to say the least. He leaves a gaping hole in my heart as well as all of those that knew him. Even after knowing that this was coming, it feels sudden and will take some time to settle in. Knowing that we tried absolutely everything available to cure him helps to comprehend this incredible loss but time is the only thing that will help calm the shock and outrage of the loss of such a young and healthy individual. Andrea was a good human.. to his core. He loved and celebrated life, family, and all of his friends to the fullest. His life was cut short but we must take comfort in the knowledge that what time he did have, he lived to the fullest.

Thank you again for everything you and your colleagues have done for us.

Tori Chiappelli

----Andrea Chiappelli 2 400w.jpeg