Dorden Moss Squeegee Program Introduced

Sat January 7, 2017

Breaking News!!

                A big splash was made when Dorden & Co., Inc., a/k/a  Dorden Squeegee introduced their New  DÖRDEN Moss Squeegee Program at the recent ISSA 2016 Trade Show.  The Dorden team indicates product will be stocked, warehoused and shipped from the Dorden facility in Detroit, MI.

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                Bruce Gale, Managing Director of DordenSqueegee said “The ISSA Show exceeded our expectations!  There was an overwhelming positive response to our decision to warehouse and to be able to ship, almost immediately, the Belgian Moss Squeegees from a centrally located warehouse, for all of our new and existing customers, that was very gratifying”. 

                All customers are encouraged to contact the company with their specific requirements.  Dorden will accommodate any and all customers with the most comprehensive program allowing them to purchase  from a centrally located local warehouse in the U.S.

                The Detroit, Michigan facility is located on the border with Canada and shipping to Canada can be easily arranged.  Dorden representatives remarked that they can also ship just as easily to Mexico and they have always had the capabilities to ship throughout North America.

                Currently stocked items that have been the fastest sellers in the U.S. market include:  18” and 22” Light Duty - Black Natural Rubber and 30” Heavy Duty –w/ Splash Guard – Black Natural Rubber.  Plastic Moss sold out in our 18” offering and 22” is moving very fast.  We also have a limited supply of 10”, 12” and 14” low cost Belgian Window Squeegees.

                Other sizes and rubber types can be made available as the customers demand.  Red Neoprene or Synthetic Rubber both Light and Heavy Duty can be made available for warehouse direct shipments if requested.  We can also accommodate Color Coded Plastic Moss Programs!  Just let us know what your needs are.  The DÖRDEN Moss Squeegee Program is just beginning.  We will expand the Program with the inventory our customers demand. 

                Dorden is also offering the option of Full Container Pricing (20 Foot or 40 Foot) for those customers who are interested in the cost savings a larger purchase can afford them.

                Dorden also manufactures and distributes a full line of American Made Floor Squeegees.  These are the traditional harder rubber squeegees that move liquids so well.  Dorden’s unique Floor Squeegees are made with Non-Rusting Aluminum Frames and Retainers and are considered the highest quality products of their kind. 

                 DordenSqueegee offers Private Label Programs for Manufacturer’s and Buying Groups who find that our private label lines fit seamlessly into their programs.

                Dorden Window Squeegees are geared toward the Commercial and Industrial markets.  Heavy Duty, rugged and also Made in America.  Dorden, however, currently is considering adding a High End Precision German Window Squeegee to their offerings.  High End yet cost competitive.  Dorden is testing the market to see what the response is to this High Quality yet very competitive Window Squeegee.  If you stopped by our booth and saw samples or are interested, do not hesitate to contact us.

                Dorden & Co., Inc. a/k/a DordenSqueegee can be reached at their Detroit, Michigan Warehouse and Manufacturing Facility located at 7446 Central Ave. PO Box 10247 Detroit MI 48210-0247

PH:  (313)-834-7910  Email:  Web:  www.