Dreamscape meets new FAA camera drone requirements

Sat November 25, 2017

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The new laws for camera drones require any video for commercial use be acquired by a pilot/operator possessing a FAA Airmen’s license.   Producers of the ABMA 100th Anniversary video, Dreamscape Cinema, recently received FAA approval to shoot drone videos across the country. Prior to that, the company worked under a temporary FAA exemption.

The benefits of hiring a professional UAV pilot include peace of mind that all logistics and rules have been followed.    A camera drone is an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle. Dreamscape uses several UAVs, all with 4k cameras and soon with 360° cameras. 

Additionally, lead director/pilot Robin Christian is also feature film director and long time marketing guru. 

Having such a visual person at the helm allows for creative that you might not have thought of.
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Never before seen angles of your manufacturing lines, staff, office, buildings and grounds are possible with their small camera drone, allowing for unlimited versatility. Dreamscape can safely fly right up to you signage, or over it. You’ll acquire fantastic footage of your facilities that would normally have taken enormous cranes and cables just a couple of years ago. 

This 4k, high quality imagery can be blown up for large, crisp videos showcased on your lobby or trade show TVs, or on your website or youtube videos. 

The safe, small footprint that a pro drone provides is also cost effective. It only takes a few minutes to acquire incredible, steady shots.
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If you want to take your perceived level up a notch and create an aura, call Dreamscape for drone imagery to enhance your existing video and make yourself unforgettable to your customers!

Contact: Midwest and East Coast  217-359-8484
West Coast: 310-499-8549, or Robin@Dreamscape.LA