Felton Brush Wins Inagural Innovation Excellence Award

Sat April 1, 2006

Felton Brush Wins Inagural ABMA William Cordes Innovation Excellence Award

New to this year's convention was the display of the nominees for the ABMA William Cordes Innovation Excellence Award, which recognises outstanding innovation of manufactured products, components or services in the Broom, Brush, Mop and Roller Industry. The award is named after William Cordes, who served as the Association's first President from 1917-1928. This award serves as a constant reminder that all new and exciting endeavours have beginnings that connect with real people.  The nominees included Techno Plastic, Felton Brush, Shur Line, Wooster Brush, Monterey Mills, Borghi, Jones and Braun Brush. The nominee's presentations were shown on display boards at the Registration desk in the foyer as well as at the supplier's display where delegates were invited to consider each nominees presentation and to put their vote in a secure ballot box.  The 2006 Award went to Felton Brush for their flexible horizontal site seal brush manufactured with a revolutionary new weave process which can be mounted on any number of surfaces depending on the application.