American Brush Manufacturers Association – President Visits UK Brush Manufacturer

Mon September 11, 2017

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Pictured (left to right): Charlie Coward (Commercial Director, Hillbrush), Carlos Petzold (President, ABMA), Ian Moss (Former President, ABMA), Philip Coward (Managing Director, Hillbrush).

Hillbrush is delighted to welcome the current and former ABMA Presidents to its new facility in Mere, England.

Since 1922, Hillbrush has been manufacturing high quality brushware and cleaning tools and to celebrate its rich history, the Company has recently opened a visitor attraction called Visit Hillbrush.

Visit Hillbrush features the first brush museum to open in the UK, with educational areas where visitors can learn about the history of brushmaking, count the brushes in their home and see historic machinery and antique brushes. It was for this reason that ABMA President, Carlos Petzold visited the Company alongside former President, Ian Moss.

Mr. Moss kindly loaned a selection of antique brushes to Hillbrush, which are proudly on display in the museum and date back to the 19th century.

For more information about Visit Hillbrush and the products available from Hillbrush, visit