Jones Yarn Announces New Plant Manager

Wed January 17, 2018

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Jones Yarn is pleased to announce Richard Kimble as their new plant manager. Kimble, who began work with Jones Yarn on the third-shift maintenance crew in 1998, has worked at every current facility under Jones Family of Companies and will bring a wealth of knowledge and experiences to the position.

“My family worked in mop yarn and textiles, so this industry is in my blood,” said Kimble.  ----Richard Kimble 300w.jpg  “Even as a child, I found the work intriguing.”

After his initial role with Jones, Kimble began working as travel maintenance, moving from plant to plant to work on machinery. By 2001, he was managing one of the Jones Yarn plants in Humboldt, TN and worked diligently when the two Jones Yarn plants combined in 2003. He was the plant manager of the newly combined plant until 2008 when he went to work for Jones Nonwovens in Humboldt (then Jones Fiber Products). He then managed the Nonwovens facilities in both North Las Vegas for five years and most recently, Morristown, TN, for two years before returning to Humboldt as plant manager for Jones Yarn at the end of 2017.

“I’m excited to bring a new perspective and ready to help grow this division of our company,” said Kimble. “I bring a solid knowledge of the equipment having helped install so much of it during the consolidation, as well as management experience.”

“We’re thrilled about Richard’s return to the Yarn division,” said Jeremy Raines, Vice President of Jones Yarn. “He’s gained experience across the company, and his knowledge and experience on the floor are invaluable.”

For more than 80 years, Jones Yarn has produced yarns for a wide variety of textile products; however, yarns for wet mopping, dry mopping and specialty cleaning applications constituted their primary focus. Today, their corporate strategies for the floor care market include a number of specifically engineered products, targeted programs, quality services and global sourcing. Jones is an active participant in the International Sanitary Supply Association [ISSA], American Brush Manufacturers Association [ABMA], National Council of Textile Organizations [NCTO] and the annual Broom, Brush and Mop meeting.

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