Malish Plastics Addresses Privacy in Public Restrooms and Changing Rooms with Privacy Seal

Wed March 6, 2019

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Malish Plastics, a division of The Malish Corporation, has introduced Privacy Seal, a flexible plastic product designed specifically to bridge the "gap" that sometimes exists where restroom or dressing/fitting room partitions don't completely meet.

"We know that many people are hesitant to use public restroom stalls or dressing rooms if they notice that the partition walls do not fully meet, providing an environment where the consumer does not feel comfortable." Privacy Seal by Malish has been designed to solve that problem," noted Mike Powe, Marketing Manager for Malish.  ----Malish Privacy Seal 2019 300w.jpg

The unique "flex finger grip" design allows Privacy Seal to completely seal the gap with no fasteners, tape, or bolts required. Installation takes just minutes and is easy to complete. The installer simply measures the required length, cuts an appropriate length and presses Privacy Seal into place.

Privacy Seal is available in round or square designs in 58" (147cm) lengths. 


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Malish Plastics is an extruder of custom thermoplastic profiles, tube, and pipe. Malish Plastics is a division of The Malish Corporation, a global leader in rotary, cylindrical and hand maintenance brushes of all types.