National Broom, Mop and Brush Meeting Set for November 19-20, 2015 in St. Louis, MO

Tue October 20, 2015

Dear colleagues in the Broom, Mop and Brush industries,

Deadlines for registration and discounted hotel rooms are 1 week away for this year's meeting!

Guest speakers, industry reports, and the opportunity to see and meet existing and potential customers & suppliers are the highlights of this short and affordable meeting. To date, representatives from the following companies are registered:

* Alphapointe
* Brush Fibers
* Crystal Lake
* Golden Star
* Haviland
* Jones Yarn
* Libman
* Michigan Brush
* Monahan Partners
* Nexstep Commercial
* Newton Broom
* PelRay
* RE Caddy
* Vonco
* Whitley
* Zephyr
* All Trade Publications staff

Is your name on the list? Get your registrations in by Oct. 28 and save money.

Registration Form

Information Sheet

Hope to see you there.


Kevin Monahan (Monahan Partners) & Don Leventhal (Newton Broom) Co-Chairs