The PerlonĀ® Group provides support to the fire service in the Darmstadt-Dieburg district in the form of KN 95 protective masks

Mon April 27, 2020

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Through its global network, the Perlon®-Group is supporting the procurement measures of the volunteer fire service in the Darmstadt-Dieburg district by donating 2400 KN 95 protective masks. This protective equipment will be put to good use by the force covering 23 towns and communities in the area.

The masks offer protection for fire brigade personnel and ensure that the firemen and women can carry out their duties safely and that they also protect the inhabitants in the district and everybody else in the area who may be involved in a rescue, from a potential contamination of the Corona virus.

The Perlon®-Group is aware of its responsibility to our society and would like to set a good example.

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The picture shows the Perlon®-Group CEO, Florian Kisling who himself has been the voluntary community fire inspector for Münster in the Darmstadt-Dieburg district for many years, handing over the masks to the Darmstadt-Dieburg deputy district fire inspector Mr Matthias Maurer-Hardt.

Company information
Perlon® - The Filament Company is the worldwide leading manufacturer of synthetic filaments and with the help of around 840 employees, generates a turnover of over 140 million Euros. The company manufactures filaments for applications in the paper machine clothing industry (PMC), the brush industry, for technical textiles as well as filaments for cosmetic and dental applications from our sites in Germany, the USA and China.

Perlon® is part of the Serafin group, whose philosophy is based on more than 150 years of entrepreneurial tradition of its shareholding family. Under the guiding principle “Verantwortung aus Tradition” meaning taking responsibility is our tradition, Serafin invests in companies with the aim of fostering their long term development in accordance with all stakeholders.