Sanderson MacLeod Builds Steampunk Conference Table to Showcase Innovation

Fri December 4, 2020


On January 28th, 1920,  Better Brush salesman R.K. Metcalf sat in Mrs. Grady’s kitchen at 290 South Main Street in Palmer, MA and scratched an order into his crisp new order pad for 1 bath brush, 1 crumb brush, and a cloth brush.

This seemingly mundane transaction (for $4.30) was the first for a company that nearly 100 years later would become a world leader in twisted wire brush innovation and manufacturing.

Along the way the company invented the first twisted wire mascara brush in 1956, and more recently ZTip and ZTip+ Technology.

To celebrate and foster that innovative spirit Sanderson MacLeod recently expended their Brush Innovation Center, first opened in 2015.  The latest addition features state of the art meeting and conferencing areas, proprietary sampling equipment, new processes and patented IP focused on turning innovative client ideas into "market-ready" products quickly.

In the Brush Innovation Center sits a "Steampunk" conference table, designed by a team led by artist Bruce Rosenbaum from ModVic LLC and Mark Borsari, Sanderson MacLeod president. The multi functional table was created by local artists, Pathfinder Vocational students and their instructor. Rosenbaum is a world renowned expert in Steampunk art and brought a unique perspective to the project and has a resume which includes museum founder, TV features and other civic projects featuring his steampunk work.

This table is cool enough to be the center of its own story. Take 10 minutes and enjoy: