Sponsor the ABMA "APP" for 2016.

Wed January 13, 2016

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ABMA 2016 Annual Convention App Sponsorships Available

Attendees become Ambassadors

Imagine having the power to connect with hundreds of people through one person. Mobile makes it possible. The more people your event reaches, the more popular it becomes. Your attendees can become your best advocates. Just give them the tools and they'll take care of the rest.

 Share the play-by-play on Twitter
 Network like crazy with contact sharing
 Replay the excitement on YouTube and Flickr
 Meet up using interactive maps with pinpoint locations

Exhibitors become Partners
You both have goals. Work together and you'll meet them faster. Expand their brand beyond the booth. Meet more potential customers. Improve their lead generation. When you show exhibitors how mobile helps them go above and beyond, you'll have built-in partners at every event.

 Exhibitors by category
 Interactive tradeshow floor map
 Exhibitor profiles and collateral
 Increase traffic to exhibitor booths by including them in engaging scavenger hunt games

Speakers become Celebrities
Missing an awesome speaker can make a big difference. Mobile makes sure that never happens by making it easier to share experiences. Write down an interesting quote. Tweet a funny joke. Bookmark a memorable speaker. Make your speakers a focal point of the event.

 Speakers listed by name
 Speaker profiles with pictures, bios and collateral
 Help attendees find speakers they'll be interested in with searchable speaker listings

Sponsors become Rock Stars

Mobile advertising gives them better ways to market their brand and generate more business.

 Make a splash with banner ads throughout the app
 Recommend sponsors to attendees through push notifications
 Conference "About" page
 Event Twitter feed
 FAQs

Sponsorships limited to six (6). $1,000 each. Reserve yours now by contacting ABMA HQ or purchase online at: