2019 Wisconsin Brush Manufacturers Golf Outing

Thu August 8, 2019

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On July 25th brush manufacturers and suppliers from the Midwest and beyond gathered together in Delafield, Wisconsin for a fun round of golf and dinner banquet hosted by Tanis Inc.

Companies that were present were Tanis Inc., WCJ Pilgrim Wire, Franklin Automation, Pferd Inc., Hahl Inc., Malish, Interwire, Monahan Filaments, Schaefer Brush, Pipeline Cleaners, Stainless Steel Products, Michigan Brush/Dorden, Jewel Wire, and Jaz USA Inc.

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Individual prizes were awarded for the longest Drive, longest putt, and closest to the pin.

The longest drives went to Bruce Massey (Interwire), Terry Van Aken (Pipeline Cleaners) and John Korndoerfer (WCJ Pilgrim Wire). Longest putt went to Giovanni Camilleri (Interwire). Closest to the pin went to Chris Monahan (Monahan Filaments) and Bruce Gale (Michigan Brush/Dorden).


Winners of the golf scramble were:

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From Left: Terry Van Aken (Pipeline Cleaners), Bill Durkin (Tanis Inc.) Jeff Miller (Tanis Inc.), Tom Hagemann (WCJ Pilgrim Wire). Together they shot 10 under par for a total gross score of 62.

About Tanis Inc.
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