ZAHORANSKY Z.PARD: Reworked design for optimized operating and production processes

Fri October 30, 2020

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Todtnau, 30. October 2020. ZAHORANSKY has redesigned the Z.PARD for better ergonomics in operation and greater efficiency in the production of household and hygiene brushes. The swivel arm with the display is now installed at the top, integrating the feedback of numerous customers. This leaves more space for pallets with filaments and boxes with brush blocks on the floor – perfect for cramped production environments. The bottom part of the housing of the feed area has been recessed somewhat. The worker can now move closer to the machine when placing or removing material, to counteract fatigue and incorrect postures. A new, vertical LED strip with traffic light system additionally helps more closely visualize the current operating state. 

The market for the mass production of household and hygiene brushes is price-sensitive. The Z.PARD offers great production quality at low production costs. This makes the machine ideal for the production of household products such as brooms, hand brushes, and scrubbing brushes, as well as for dishwashing brushes, WC brushes, mops, bath brushes, and wire brushes. Both wooden as well as plastic handles can be processed. The Z.PARD is highly flexible when it comes to filament types: in addition to filaments of natural fiber and hair, the machine can process plastic and wire filaments. The machine is available with a 70/100 mm tool stroke, depending on brush model.

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The ZAHORANSKY Z.PARD with its new design

The Z.PARD during the production of household and hygiene brushes I



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The Z.PARD during the production of household and hygiene brushes II

Z.PARD: easy removal of the finished brushes

Background information
Since 1902, ZAHORANSKY has stood for reliability, precision, and sophisticated technology. Anton Zahoransky laid the foundation with his small workshop in Todtnau, where he produced the first devices and machines for the automation of brush production.

Based on the experience and expertise gained since then, ZAHORANSKY today presents itself as a full-range supplier and technology partner for companies in the brush industry, medical technology industry, and other sectors. ZAHORANSKY fully covers individual manufacturing requirements for injection molds, mechanical and automation engineering, and packaging systems. Around 900 employees, including 70 trainees, at ten locations in Germany, Spain, China, India, Japan, Brazil, and the USA are committed to our mission every day.

The cross-system solutions from ZAHORANSKY encompass the entire process chain: from the integration of packaging technology and handling, to programming and robotics in the manufacture of fully automated production and assembly systems. The technologies and services of ZAHORANSKY are in demand in the following industries: household and industrial brushes, oral care, medical technology, cosmetics, consumer goods, and packaging.