Zahoransky Receives ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 50001 Certifications

Fri October 30, 2015

Zahoransky Receives ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 50001 Certifications

ZAHORANSKY again received recertification for their Quality Management System following ISO 9001 and for the first time for their Environment ISO 14001 and Energy Management Systems ISO 50001.

The Freiburg-based Technische Überwachungsgemeinschaft TÜg GmbH has confirmed that ZAHORANSKY AG again complies with the EN ISO standards for the quality management system and for the first time confirmed the company's compliance with the environment management and energy management system.

The concept of environmental protection has for many years in the past been a topic of central importance for ZAHORANSKY. The company's Management has introduced structures which ensure that the individual phases of a product's life cycle are marked by quality planning, quality assurance and protection of the environment. These quality targets give staff and the workforce the guideline for acting with quality and environmental awareness.

Already in 1994, ZAHORANSKY obtained the first certification for their Quality Management System under standard ISO 9001 and today complies with the requirements of standard EN ISO 9001:2008 which safeguards higher product quality and enhanced customer satisfaction.

By launching the Environment Management System under EN ISO 14001:2009, the company undertakes to prepare ecological balance sheets, to define environmental targets and to specify an environmental programme which will accomplish a continuous improvement of the environmental standards.

The systematic Energy Management System under EN ISO 50001:2011 is based on capturing the energy flows in the enterprise and evaluating the status of energy efficiency, especially for plant, equipment and machinery relevant for the total energy consumption. Organisational and technical measures are to be designed to improve the energy-related performance systematically and in the long term.
All these standards have been introduced in the five plants of ZAHORANSKY AG in Todtnau and Freiburg, Formenbau Freiburg and Rothenkirchen and in the plant in Logroño, Spain.

The essential objectives of these implemented standards are, first, to achieve a significant improvement in product quality and, secondly, to make a noticeable contribution to the protection of the environment and of the climate by reducing the emission of greenhouse gases and of CO2 emissions.

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