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Tue May 29, 2018

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----Zahoransky Z Wasp 2.jpgIf you are interested in producing technical or household
brushes, then a Z.WASP 2 is the perfect choice and it’s very
This semi-automatic drilling and tufting machine is the ideal
solution for manufacturing cylindrical or disc brushes, plate,
strip or tank brushes, brooms or hairbrushes.
With the frame quick exchangeable system, even multiple
models on the same machine are not an issue.

A Z.WASP 2 drills both wood and plastic. It can tuft abrasive
bristles, natural fibers, nylon filaments and wire tufting.
Z.WASP is a whole family of machines offering a larger or
smaller range of brushes depending on the selected


ZAHORANSKY is continually developing new technology to
enhance the injection molding process and develop fully
autonomous ways to process your products.

ZAM does not just ask what you want to mold. We ask what
you want to do with this product after it’s molded.

We are always thinking of how to increase your capacity;
does your product need an assembly process? Does it
need to be placed in trays? ZAM is thinking outside the box
to develop innovative ways to process and create an
accurate and efficient injection molding cell.

ZAM is the plastic industries premier one stop shop for all
your injection molding needs.