ZAHORANSKY USA Inc. / change in management and service technician

Tue August 1, 2017

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Effective today we would like to announce a change in management and service within ZAHORANSKY USA Inc.

Steve Bellocchio has been promoted to the VP of Sales and Service and is responsible for all sales within the brush and broom industry for the USA and Canada. He is furthermore responsible for the service team in ZUSA.

Eva Rotolo has been promoted to Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) and is responsible for all administrative tasks related to the business as well as spare parts, which she had been managing over the last 2 years.

Dennis Schelb is the new service technician for ZAHORANSKY USA Inc. Dennis has relocated from Germany to the USA.  He has been with ZAHORANSKY for over 10 years building and servicing ZAHORANSKY machinery.  He is well versed with the ZAHORANSKY machinery both electrically and mechanically.

Alan Trojanowski is the Product Sales Manager Molds.

All contact details can be found on our web page