History was made at ABMA's 84th Annual Convention in Savannah, Georgia. ABMA members voted to:

  • Change the scope of the association from a United States focused organization to a North American focused (Canada, Mexico, and the United States) organization.
  • The dues unit structure will based on North American sales.
  • Add a new class of membership. International members are manufacturers with an interest in the industry and do not have a manufacturing facility in North America. An International member would also pay dues based on their North American sales.
  • Associate members will now be termed Affiliate members and have full voting rights.
  • The Board will consist of 12 Directors and 3 Officers. 6 Directors will be Brush Manufacturing members and 6 Directors will be Affiliate members. Both the brush manufacturer and the affiliate members may hold an office.
  • The Advisory Committee was abolished.

With the help of mediator Harrison Coerver, of Coerver & Associates, the above resolutions were made as a result of the Vision 2000 process. Now the International Membership and Bylaw Task Force is working to incorporate these changes into the ABMA bylaws. The Board of Directors will review the bylaws in November and the membership will vote on a final draft at the 2002 Annual Convention in Tucson, Arizona.

Other highlights of ABMA's 2001 Annual Convention include:

2001 - 1
2001 - 2
Christian Schabert spoke on behalf of FEIBP. He also invited everyone to attend the FEIBP Conference, September 12-15, 2001 in Copenhagen, Sweden. Former President Bob Fowlie passes the gavel to incoming President John Cottam.

2001 - 3 Who are these dapper gentleman? Thank you to our outgoing Directors: Tom Teesdale, Dave Parr, Ken Rakusin (newly elected Treasurer, and Frank McNeely and Past President, John Lindstrom.

The Suppliers' Display was a resounding success. The ABMA Educational Institute was well attended thanks to the expert information provided by Steve Epner on e-business.

2001 - 4a

2001 - 4b

Supplier members pose in between customer visits.

Kristin Draper planned an exciting Suppliers' Reception where attendees retreated to antebellum Savannah with wrought iron gates, beautiful flowers, and hoop skirts.

2001 - 4c


Thank you to tennis chair Todd Leventhal. Winning individuals received gift certificates to The Club at Savannah Harbor.


2001 - 5Unfortunately, the golf gods did not shine down on ABMA in 2001. A wicked thunderstorm caused the tournament to be canceled, but prizes, and wacky headgear, were still given as a result of a very competitive drawing. Special thanks to golf chair Dave Parr.