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Contact Your Legislator

If you too wish to write your Congressman, go to or for the most efficient contact link. (Once at, you will need to look up your Senators by state and then go to their home pages where they have the "Write your Senator" Form.)


For those who do not know this, you can write your note once in "Word," or on the form itself. Then do a "copy" via keyboard strokes: ctrl + c (Control Copy) and then, when you go to the next form for the Senator or House Rep., do a ctrl + v (Control "V" = PASTE, the logic behind the "V" is that it is an ARROWHEAD saying "put it here.") These two combinations of key strokes can save you from writing the text 3 times. One more combo for you: ctrl + x acts like a "cut" instead of copy. You will note that x,c,v are all next to one another on the keyboard.

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