ABMA Offers Web Tips for our New E-Commerce Site

Wed January 7, 2009

Thanks for your support of ABMA and for maintaining your organization and branch memberships.

For the online renewal of your memberships, I wanted to give you a heads up so as to avoid any surprises. With the advent of our new, web based - on demand association software platform comes many changes. Please allow me to give you some pointers so as to make your membership and branch renewal process quick and easy.

If you are unable to sign into your account please contact HQ for assistance. In most intances I can reset a password for you and get you in, in less than a minute.

1. When you sign into your account you will come upon a screen that asks for whom are you shopping. ABMA memberships are held by the company so you should shop for your organization. If you are the key contact for more than one organization, they will all show up as available to shop for, unless you maintain multiple or separate sign in credentials for your various organizations. If you would like to consolidate your sign in credentials, please contact HQ.

2. Once in the online store you can open a scroll down box that contains products. Open that box and click on membership.

3. Click on the default membership that apears and will will get to a screen that will allow you to select your membership type and your level of dues units. For branch memberships, only the $250 renewal fee will be shown. The system knows what type of membership your organization holds, so in most cases the correct membership type will show as the default.

4. Once your membership renewal has been placed in the shopping cart, you can add other items pertinent to your organization, such as convention registration, etc. at the same time for convenience at check out. Add your credit card information and off you go. You will receive an electronic confirmation.

5. If your organization maintains branch memberships, renewals for those organization must be handled as separate transactions. You can either log out and log back in with your distinct credentials for your additional organizations, or you can go back to the "Who are you shopping for" page and click an one of your other organizations to start the process all over again. We apologize for the inconvenience that this may cause and can assure you that we have asked the software provide to provide a future product enhancement that will make this process more seamless in the future. We are saving $7000 annually with this new upgraded system, which helps to keeps ABMA dues low, so your patience and understanding is greatly appreciated.

6. Regarding convention registration, if you are registering for just yourself and a companion you may easily use the "shopping for myself" button and your badge information will be prepopulated. Once your registration is in the shopping cart, please notice under your registration item the link to "register a guest", if you would like to register additional people, or...

7. If you are registering multiple people in the same company you may prefer to "shop for the organization" and use "Group Registration". All of the employees we have in the system will show up for you to select for prepopulated badges. If you have new employees to add, please contact HQ for assistance. Group registration is organized by attendee type, so please keep that in mind as preparing your registration.

8. If all of this seems like a big bother, simply give me your credit card information, transaction details and I will happily personally handle any and all transactions you wish to make.

I hope you will find the new system has a manageable learning curve, but it is different. Because we are starting this new system in 2009, it will work best when we have registered all of the company employees who may wish to engage the system and it's tools. A little extra time this year will make things MUCH smoother for next year. As always, please feel free to direct any and all feedback my way so we can work together to make continuous improvement.

David Parr
Executive Director